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Wytworna bransoletka srebrna z rubinem. View larger



The bracelet makes me happy every day when I put it on. Beautiful jewelry!

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A refined silver bracelet with a ruby.

A refined silver bracelet with a ruby.

A refined silver bracelet with a ruby.


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A silver bracelet with a ruby ​​- a stone of silence, peace and love

Silver test: 925

The weight of the bracelet: 14.7 g

Stones: ruby ​​pink - precious stone

Size: large ruby ​​2cm * 1.5cm / width of the bracelet at its widest point 3 cm

The circumference of the bracelet is adjustable arbitrarily

We also offer earrings to the set!

In our Store - AnKa Jewelry - we pack the jewelery in beautiful, high-quality boxes!

An elegant silver bracelet, which can be freely adjusted on the palm of your hand. Rubies cut faceted at different angles look impressive!

Ruby is the favorite stone of wealthy people, because after diamond it is one of the rarest and most precious gemstones. It has been a favorite stone of lovers for a long time. Ruby energy favors love, it gives energy. Ruby is mined in Thailand, Sri Lanka, Pakistan, Myanmar, Tanzania.

  • ore: silver
  • Stone: carbuncle