Necklaces with agate

Necklaces with agate in the Anka Jewelery store are a great gift idea, they are characterized by a large variety and form of workmanship, so everyone will find something for themselves or a loved one, the quality of our jewelry and workmanship is first-class for us.

Agate stone properties

Agate is one of the minerals that is formed when lava solidifies. It is a semi-precious mineral and like the others, it is simply silicon oxide. Agates are very original stones because of the interesting layering, which is why they look amazing in necklaces, mined in many parts of the world such as India, Brazil, Mexico, as well as Germany and the United States of America. Agate is a stone of balance and restores it in every aspect of life: health, intellectual and emotional, it is seemingly not very attractive, gray-gray on the outside, only after cutting it shows its true face: colorful, sometimes multicolored, and sometimes even very intense , but always with characteristic stripes, used in jewelry, give the jewelry a unique flavor. Agate is a stone of loyalty and love, adding protection and self-confidence, and was also believed to have healing properties. In natural medicine, agates are often used to treat skin and eye diseases, they are also supposed to positively influence the mental sphere.

Necklaces with Agate in the AnKa Jewelry store

Agate is believed to add self-confidence, especially when you need to express yourself, as it can increase your resistance to stress. Wearing agate can have a positive effect on the human psyche, it is an ideal gift for learners because it also helps with problems with concentration and remembering. Agate is very popular, with eye-catching accessories in mind, we have met the expectations and created necklaces with this stone, they will perfectly complement the gala outfit and everyday styling. Agate looks great in combination with silver, but it can also be combined with other stones and will still look phenomenal. In the AnKa Jewelry store, you can find agate in a version as an addition to the pendant, but also used as smaller stones in the form of a pendant, to create a necklace.

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