Amber earrings

Elegant amber earrings are a stylish addition to any outfit. In our AnKa Jewelery store we have a large selection of amber earrings.

Amber in jewelry

Amber is a mine resin that comes from coniferous trees. At the moment, about 60 varieties of amber are known. Amber,

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valued by jewelers, is referred to as the gold of the Baltic Sea. This is due to the original color and structure. Amber is most often found in the traditional, well-known golden-yellow or brown colors. It can also take on slightly different colors such as: green, blue, red, milky white and even black. Used for a very long time in jewelry, it is also used in natural medicine, because it has certain properties that affect health, which contribute to better well-being and alleviating rheumatic pains. Baltic amber is most often used to make jewelry, incl. earrings with amber or pendants with amber.

An interesting fact is that real amber, when thrown into salt water, will remain on its surface, and when we throw it into fresh water - it will sink to the very bottom.

Jewelery made of amber should be dry cleaned, possibly with a small amount of soapy water or pure spirit. Jewelery with amber is best kept in a silk cloth. The raw material must not come into contact with water as it becomes dull.

Earrings with amber in the AnKa Jewelry store

Amber earrings are universal, but also original. There is no chance of finding two identical amber products. In our AnKa Jewelry store we have a wide selection of amber earrings, which are an extraordinary splendor. Classic amber earrings are the perfect choice for women who want elegance, impressive modern earrings have been designed for women who like to stand out from the crowd. The models available in the store are an elegant and stylish addition to your every styling.

Amber earrings will be perfect for a gift for a loved one, because they are exclusive jewelry that stands out among others.