Silver necklaces with amber

Silver necklaces with amber are a beautiful addition to everyday and evening outfits. Amber is a noble material that has been used in jewelry since ancient times. Jewelry made with it is very universal due to its beautiful color.

Silver necklaces with amber in the AnKa Jewelry store

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Silver amber necklaces are universal, but also unconventional. They are a beautiful addition to any styling. There are no two identical amber products in the world. In our AnKa Jewelery store we have a wide selection of silver necklaces with amber, which are an amazing and unique decoration. They are the perfect choice for women who want elegance and stand out from the crowd.

Amber must be cared for and cared for so that it does not become dull with time and lose its shine. This stone must be dry cleaned, or with soapy water or spirit. A silver necklace with amber is best kept separately. Avoid contact with water, household cleaners and perfumes.

Amber and its application

Amber has anti-inflammatory properties, regulates kidney function and stimulates the nervous system. Ointments and creams with succinic acid help in asthmatic and rheumatic ailments, ulcerations and skin irritations. Since the nineteenth century, amber has been used in cosmetology, which has been and is appreciated. Already in those years, we could find tinctures, amber balms and ointments in pharmacies. The precious and versatile properties of amber have a very wide range of activity. Oil or acid obtained from amber, which has disinfecting properties, may be an ideal aid for the effects of insect bites or burns.

A silver necklace with amber is worth having with you for health reasons, but also for cleansing reasons. This stone allows you to feel better and reduces rheumatic pains. In fact, amber has a positive effect on the entire body.

We offer Silver Necklaces with Baltic amber.

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