Bracelets - Agate

Agate has long been used not only to decorate jewelry, but also to make dishes and seals. Nowadays, it is also used as a material used to make decorative and artistic objects. He found particular use in jewelry. In our AnKa Jewelry store you will find beautiful agate bracelets that delight with their colors.

Bracelets with agate - a jewel mineral

Agate is formed in the voids of volcanic rocks and belongs to the quartz family. Supposedly, silica-enriched mineral solutions produce various streaked colors. The color of the agate varies due to the variety of stone structures. Agate has a porous structure, so it can be easily colored.

The most popular jewelery minerals in the world, agates are available on the market in many colors. The stone has properties that heal the mind, body and spirit, adds sensitivity and delicacy, and improves concentration and memory. Therefore, it is worth having an agate bracelet with you. The stone is a good amulet for business people and people from the signs of Taurus and Capricorn.

If you have agate bracelets, they may calm you down, give you self-confidence and help you concentrate. It is worth having such an amulet always with you.

Blue agate is a stone that calms and improves communication. It is perfect for people who perform in public.

Agate pink helps in relations with close people, helps in understanding.

The green variety of agate is perfect for people struggling with problems, it allows you to get rid of them.

Agate bracelet is a very good choice for Taurus and Capricorn people.

Agate bracelets in the AnKa Jewelry store

In our AnKa Jewelery store we have beautiful agate bracelets, which are distinguished by a wide variety of colors and patterns. This jewelry is suitable for any occasion and any styling. Certainly, a purchase for yourself or a loved one will be a nice and original surprise.