Bracelets - Aquamarine

The aquamarine bracelet is impeccably beautiful and elegant, in the AnKa Jewelery store, it is perfectly made, allowing you to finish the evening outfit, which will certainly not remain indifferent.

Aquamarine and its properties

Its name comes from the Latin "aqua marine", it owes its color to the shade of sea water. The most valuable are blue-colored aquamarines, which owe their color to a high iron content, but the most common are dark green or green-blue aquamarines.

It is quite a brittle gemstone from the beryl group (the green ones are emeralds) and is found in Brazil, the USA, Madagascar, Australia, Russia, Africa, India, but also in China and the Polish Karkonosze Mountains.

Aquamarine is considered a symbol of love, bringing good luck in marriage. This gemstone also has healing properties, it is used in inflammation of the eyes, liver and kidney ailments, and those related to the teeth. Recommended in diseases of the head and neck, allergies, and rhinitis. It has a calming effect, soothes anxiety, removes depression, increases self-confidence and improves mood.

Aquamarine is called the "stone of courage" it is an amulet of protection and good luck for fishermen and sailors, it relieves fear and phobias, soothes.

When deciding on this amazing stone, turquoise, blue or green, we have a choice of many attractive shades, as well as color tones, mainly a gentle, pastel version. Pale blue, subtly turquoise or delicately emerald blanks will work great in various accessories.

Bracelets with aquamarine in the AnKa Jewelry store

Bracelets with aquamarine in the AnKa store are a very original decoration, thanks to which every woman can feel beautiful and attractive. The presence of aquamarine in the bracelet adds shine and makes the whole look very original on each woman's wrist.

Bracelets with aquamarine in our store will perfectly decorate every woman, they are made of high-quality silver, so they will perfectly match any styling.

Bracelets in the AnKa Jewelry store were created to be able to enjoy minimalist or more expressive jewelry, every woman will find something for herself.