Bracelets - Coral

In order to be able to use the power of beads, it is worth carrying them with you, in the form of a bracelet you can find them in our AnKa Jewelery store, they are a very popular decoration of the wrist that fits any styling, depending on what accessories you choose, you can get a bracelet every day or larger exit.

Coral properties

Coral is not a precious stone, but it is used in jewelry and alternative medicine, it is the dead skeleton of coral-sea creatures. The most popular ones are the red ones, but you can also distinguish pink, white and black ones.

In the past, coral was treated as a symbol of love, given to a woman, provided the reciprocity of her feelings, red - strengthened the passion of lovers and their romantic love, black was to soothe when love was too hot-tempered or unrequited, pink was a sign of platonic love.

Corals were most often used as a material for creating jewelry, but also for making amulets that were to ward off charms and evil powers, were worn to ward off bad luck and attract good luck.

Coral also had healing properties, it was used as a medicine against poison and possession. According to former medics, they were soothing, calming fears and excessive emotions.

In alternative medicine, it is used as a remedy for colds and sore throats, as well as accelerating wound healing and stopping hemorrhages.

Bracelets with coral in the AnKa Jewelry store

It used to be believed that corals had an effect on men, which is why women loved jewelry with corals, because they thought that it would increase their attractiveness and success, in our store you can find high-quality and very good workmanship coral bracelets.

Bracelets with coral are an ornament that will especially appeal to lovers of natural, eye-catching patterns, it is a unique proposition in our store, and its properties and charm have been known for millennia.

Jewelery with coral fits perfectly with formal and everyday outfits, it is intended for women of all ages.

Our coral bracelets are packed in elegant boxes, so they are perfect as a gift for a loved one.