Bracelets - Garnet

Silver or gold-plated bracelets have been constantly popular for years, it is an ornament for people who do not like excess jewelry, but want to gently emphasize its presence.

Bracelets made to measure for kings

The store offers beautiful silver and gold-plated bracelets with one of the most popular stones used in gems over the centuries, which is garnet.

This stone decorated royal sceptres, crowns, rings, but also the interiors of churches and castles. Women love his magic and dignity. At AnKa Jewelery you will find bracelets of various shapes and sizes: richly decorated, with stones or minimalist, delicate.

Properties of pomegranate in jewelry

Pomegranate is a stone of love, it strengthens relationships between people, stimulates the senses, stabilizes feelings and ensures fidelity in a relationship. We recommend that you buy jewelry in our store for your loved ones, they will surely be delighted with the charm of these bracelets. In addition, it is a stone with a healing effect, revitalizes the body and stimulates metabolism. It cleans the blood, heart and lungs.

Garnet and silver

The combination of the highest quality silver 925 with a beautiful, phenomenal garnet is a great idea for a woman's wrist decoration. The bracelet is an element of jewelry, the selection of which is not a big problem, jewelry collections can be easily combined. The bracelet is a perfect gift idea for Christmas, Valentine's Day or just to show your loved one your feelings.

A woman confident in her worth

Pomegranate is a stone that gives courage and helps you make changes in your life. Jewelry in our store helps to raise her self-esteem, a woman becomes more confident and begins to believe in her own abilities. The energy of the pomegranate builds self-esteem. The quality and workmanship of AnKa Jewelery is always in line with the price.

The garnet bracelet dazzles everyone.