Bracelets - Hematite

Bracelets with hematite in the AnKa Jewelery store are available in various designs, also in a set with a necklace. Hematite is different as a blood stone or a blood stone. This is the result of the healing properties assigned to it, and the natural color that is present to it in natural conditions.

Hematite used in jewelry

The main component of hematite is iron oxide. The color of the stone ranges from silver to blood red. It has been used since antiquity, where it served as an amulet. It influenced courage, restrained you from nerves and calmed down in stressful situations. It also acted as a lucky stone, attracting good thoughts and prosperity. Bracelets with hematite carried with you will bring to earth a person who has distant, unreal plans or dreams that cannot be fulfilled.

Bloodstone is also called that for a reason. Connected with the circulatory system, it is perfectly suited for anemia. It is supposed to help with the absorption of iron, it facilitates and accelerates the formation of red blood cells. It helps in the treatment of hypertension, stops bleeding and has a good effect on the bladder and spine. It is worth having a hematite bracelet with you, because it looks beautiful and has valuable properties.

Bracelets with hematite in the AnKa Jewelry store

Hematite has become a very appreciated and liked jewelery material. It looks attractive as beads in a hematite bracelet and in other shapes (tears or rings). The stone shows its properties when it is in contact with the skin, which is why wearing a hematite bracelet is so important.

Hematite has iron in it and should not come into contact with water, so remove the hematite bracelet before taking a bath. Keep it away from other stones, but keep it in a box with the rock crystal. We can gently clean it with a dry cloth, and when there is stronger dirt, you can slightly moisten it. After cleaning, wipe the hematite bracelet dry.