Bracelets - Malachite

Bracelets with malachite are fashionable jewelry that will delight with many shades of green, stripes and stripes, such jewelry will attract the attention of even the most demanding women.

Malachite as a stone in jewelry

Malachite is a mineral from the group of carbonates, it is a common mineral, but highly valued in jewelry as a decorative stone. It is usually used in the form of cabochons for the production of artistic jewelry, its patterned interior structure, visible after polishing, makes it popular.

Its name comes from the Greek "maloche", a plant-mallow, because the leaves of this plant have a beautiful green color like malachite, it is a brittle and plastic mineral.

Malachite is also called the Stone of Nature, its energy permeates the whole world of fauna and flora.

This unique stone also has a number of healing and magical properties.

Malachite accelerates the regeneration of damaged tissues, stimulates blood circulation and affects the efficient work of the heart, it can also relieve pain, often used by pregnant women as a pain reliever in labor. Due to the content of copper, it has bactericidal properties and is also recommended for rheumatism and arthritis.

Its magical powers have been valued for a long time, it protects travelers, children, and also warns of impending dangers. Malachite calms down, brings peace and harmony

Bracelets with malachite in the AnKa Jewelry store

Jewelry with malachite will suit all types of beauty as well as women of all ages.

We can wear such jewelry to work, but it will also be suitable for informal meetings with friends. Already in ancient times, jewelry with malachite fascinated rulers and priests, symbolized peace and strength, and was also considered a powerful amulet. Today, it adorns jewelry in the AnKa Jewelry store, delighting many, and its originality and workmanship is very popular, because there are few stones with such a unique color and texture.

A bracelet with malachite will be a great gift idea, malachite green stimulates action, packed in a beautiful box from our store will delight every woman.