Bracelets - Marcasite

Bracelets with marcasite will delight every lover of jewelery with natural stones. You will find a beautifully adorning stone in our AnKa Jewelry store in many types.

Jewelery beauty marquisite

The pyrite from which marcasites are made is shiny and has a metallic sheen. Its feature is high resistance to abrasions, scratches and durability. For this reason, a bracelet with marcasite is a very good choice. Eternal jewelry is appreciated by most women.

Marcasite, known since the Middle Ages, was used during religious rituals as a flat shield. It was also believed that this stone retains its everlasting beauty. It was referred to by the Romans as a stone "of great fire".

Bracelets with marcasite are especially recommended for people under the sign of Leo.

Shiny marasite like a diamond

Being a beautiful addition to any styling, it is an object of desire of many women. Marasite has a unique appearance and amazing properties. Certainly, having this stone with you in the form of a marcasite bracelet will help you make the best decisions. By touching it frequently, your confidence in yourself can increase. The stone improves memory, allows you to notice unwanted character traits, which will allow for internal change. It also helps to get rid of thoughts that are irrelevant.

Health properties of marcasite

Marasite has many cleansing and health-enhancing properties. By having a bracelet with marcasite with you during menstruation, you will get rid of the painful pain. If your period is irregular, the stone will balance your hormone cycle. During illness, the stone relieves fever, but it should be remembered that the stone should be in contact with the body. Marasite also has cleansing properties that help with digestive problems, cleanse the spleen and improve the functioning of the blood system. It especially works on the lungs, helping to get rid of the toxins left behind after smoking, supports angina and bronchitis. A bracelet with marcasite may be a protective talisman in this case.