Bracelets - Moonstone

The moonstone bracelets in AnKa Jewelry are unique pieces of jewelry, the bracelets beautifully adorn the wrists of every woman, and the moonstone looks amazing and adds magic to any jewelry.

Moon stone

The moonstone is also called the "mystery stone", it is often identified with the female energy, because women most often use the intuitive side of the mind. When the moonstone belongs to a woman, it increases her attractiveness, activates energy.

Moonstone also has a positive effect on health, it is often used in lithotherapy to cleanse the lymph nodes and help to eliminate swelling.

The uniqueness of the moonstone bracelets is due to the unusual color of the stone and versatility, they will certainly match any outfit, you will find them in the AnKa Jewelery store.

Moonstone in jewelry

The moonstone is mainly used in jewelry. Known for its luminous surface, it is associated with the moonlight and symbol of the moonlight in the life of each of our planet. It was widely believed in past epochs that it brings a balance between happiness and the life of its owner, just as the Moon balances various phenomena on Earth by constantly revolving around the planet.

A bracelet with a moonstone in the AnKa Jewelry store

Such a bracelet will help to cleanse the mind of all negative energies, restore a heart full of faith and hope. Its power can be beneficial when we need concentration while meditating or praying.

Jewelry with a moonstone will be more effective as a talisman when, during a full moon or on a bright moonlit night, we place it on a windowsill or other place illuminated by the moonlight.

In AnKa Jewelry, the use of this stone in bracelets gives a very original and matching design, the moonstone framed in a silver or gold-plated bracelet looks phenomenal.

In our store you can find high-quality moonstone bracelets, they will be the perfect decoration for everyone and at any age. It was ensured that the quality of workmanship was always at the highest level.