Bracelets - Natural stones

Bracelets with natural stones are timeless jewelry. They perfectly complement each outfit and look phenomenal. Our AnKa Jewelery store offers a wide range of jewelry.

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Bracelets with natural stones in the AnKa Jewelry store

When deciding on the right model of bracelets with natural stones, we can follow the color, shape or design of the stones. In the AnKa Jewelry store you will find timeless bracelets with natural stones.
Bracelets with natural stones - hematite

Jewelry with hematite is certainly a good solution for dreamers, people who have a tendency to unrealistic dreams and plans. It will also work as an amulet of luck, because the stone is supposed to attract good fortune and good thoughts.
Bracelets with natural stones - sapphire

One of the hardest minerals, highly appreciated nowadays. Helpful for people who have sleep problems. It supports intuition and calms down.

Bracelets with natural stones - calcite

Depending on the color, the stone has different properties:

    Red: supports strength and vitality, stimulates the senses. It is a stone of money, healing and power;
    Green: helps to think positively, relieves stress and stimulates the immune system;
    White: the stone has healing properties;
    Honey: helps to calm down and supports making the right decisions;
    Clean: the stone has the properties of relieving headaches, migraines and relieving tension. Referred to as a forgiveness stone.
    Blue: improves memory, improves metabolism, stabilizes heart rhythm, reduces pain and blood pressure. The stone fights laziness;
    Orange: develops creativity, removes fear, helps with depression, and helps restore confidence;
    Pink: a stone of unconditional love and forgiveness, it helps in getting rid of sadness and fear, and also destroys nightmares.

Bracelets with natural stones - moonstone

Moonstone has bone strengthening properties and increases immunity. It also helps in other diseases such as diabetes.