Bracelets - Opal

Opal bracelets blend in beautifully with any styling. In our AnKa Jewelery store we have beautiful models of such jewelry. You will certainly find something for yourself, be a person close to you.

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Bracelets with opal - the essence of stone

Opal appreciated in jewelry, mined from Earth today, is found in more and more limited places. This stone is unique which also makes it expensive. The mineraloid opal symbolizes trust and faith. The stone is conducive to visions and allows you to see different possibilities in individual situations.

Opal has many admirers who believe that jewelry with this stone looks amazing. Bracelets with opal look especially, they delicately emphasize the beauty. The stone is especially recommended for people from the zodiac sign of Gemini, Cancer, Libra, Maidens and Scorpions.

The eye-catching opal bracelet can serve as an amulet of good luck. For people who wear it, it will bring peace and help to maintain physical and emotional balance. The properties of opal, known for centuries, were used to make magic potions that were supposed to heal.

Bracelets with opal - the magical properties of the stone

Opal is a stone that develops creativity and imagination, it also improves concentration and memory. In the old days it was believed that opal made it unnoticeable. The stone favors love, friendship and loyalty. Opal has healing properties. Due to the fact that it gives the will to live, it is recommended for people who are sick or prone to depression. People who struggle with low blood pressure and high cholesterol should have an opal bracelet with them.

The Fire Opals from which the elixir is made increases the production of red and white blood cells which help in the treatment of leukemia. Opal works well for people who have vision problems, because this stone restores visual acuity and supports the treatment of eye diseases. We recommend that people prone to fainting wear an opal bracelet on their wrists. The stone will also prove useful in the prevention of osteoporosis.