Bracelets - Pearls

In the AnKa Jewelery store, we have pearl bracelets that can be perfectly combined with other pearl accessories - with earrings, necklaces or pendants. We invite you to familiarize yourself with the assortment of our store!

The role of pearls in jewelry

Pearls are produced by mother-of-pearl, so one of the varieties of mussels. By getting into the shell of the mollusks of the foreign body, which is then covered with mother of pearl. In this way, pearls in various forms and shapes are made. They also come in various colors. The basic colors of pearls are shades of pink, cream, silver, yellow, black, blue, green and brown with various degrees of saturation and brightness. Pearls are probably the oldest jewels known to man and loved by women all over the world.

Jewelery with pearls is elegant, classy and timeless. A pearl bracelet emphasizes the subtlety and beauty of every woman, regardless of age.

Prescribed with pearls (powdered), tremendous healing properties that were supposed to help with many ailments, e.g. heart and circulatory system. Pearl dissolved in lemon juice or with milk was supposed to help with mental disorders. It is also a symbol of honesty and fidelity.

A pearl bracelet fits perfectly with any styling - everyday, evening, a bit more festive. It is also a great choice for any occasion, celebration or wedding.

Bracelets with pearls in the AnKa Jewelry store

Pearl jewelry, as a symbol of luxury, is now available at our fingertips. It is a timeless and elegant choice. Carefully selected accessories with pearls add class and stylish character. Bracelets with pearls from our AnKa Jewelery store are jewelery that is definitely worth choosing. A wide selection of models and shades in our AnKa Jewelery store will make women easily match them to their outfits, ensuring a stylish look. A pearl bracelet will be perfect as a complement to an evening outfit, and also as an addition to a wedding creation.