Bracelets - Ulexit

Little-known and rarely found in jewelry, ulexite is a beautiful mineral. Appreciated by jewelers and by owners of jewelery with this stone. Bracelets with uleksytem in our AnKa Jewelery store are a proposal for women who value quality, style and comfort.

Urexite in jewelry - extremely rare, but amazing stone

Ulexite is a very rare but valuable mineral. Its brilliance, stringy surface and white or gray color make it difficult to resist. Stone is obtained from the bottoms of old salt lakes, so it can be found in very dry climates - especially in deserts. Birefringence in this stone is a phenomenon of double refraction of the sun's rays, which is very rare. Ulexite has an unusual structure, thanks to which the light is divided in it, which causes a beautiful glow of the mineral. This gives a much greater optical effect than, for example, a cat's eye, which is why bracelets with ulexite are a beautiful decoration that every woman will be pleased with.

Bracelets with uleksite - a magic stone

Ulexite is considered a stone of telepathy, clairvoyance and intuition. It allows you to predict future events. In problem situations, the stone indicates the optimal solution. Uleksyt intensifies intuition, sensitizes to the thoughts of other people, also acts as an activator of ideas and inspires sensational fantasies in business and in everyday life. The ulexite bracelet is a very good solution for people who want to read the meaning of their dreams and establish contact with spiritual guides and energies from other dimensions.
Bracelets with uleksytem in the AnKa Jewelery store

Bracelets with uleksytem in our AnKa Jewelery store shine beautifully and attract the eye. They are also a unique category of jewelery. They have been decorating wrists for centuries, making each styling look more elegant and classic. Such jewelry is a perfect complement to the outfit, and properly selected adds confidence and attractiveness.