Bracelets with cubic zirconia

Bracelets with cubic zirconia are an element of jewelry that women love. In our AnKa Jewelery store we have a variety of models. From very subtle to expressive, emphasizing the character.

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Cubic Zirconia, imitation of a diamond

Cubic Zirconia is a synthetic stone that closely resembles a diamond. Its appearance in 1973 made it quickly become a very popular stone due to its price and appearance. The use of cubic zirconia in jewelry is very popular because not everyone can afford diamond jewelry. Cubic zirconia has also found application in the production of ceramic knives, in dentistry, in industry - as a probe probe analyzing the amount of oxygen in the exhaust gas, as well as for measuring the pH at higher temperatures.

The diamond-shaped cubic zirconia is colorless, but by adding the appropriate raw materials, you can obtain colorful cubic zirconia, such as those used in bracelets with cubic zirconia.

Delicate and expressive bracelets with cubic zirconia

The assortment includes very delicate bracelets, with small cubic zirconias with a subtle finish. This model is intended for women who appreciate minimalism and modernity. And the more expressive models, emphasizing the character of a strong independent woman, have the finesse of patterns and style.

Bracelets with cubic zirconia are perfect for women because of their beauty and effectiveness. Shimmering rhinestones underlining the entire stylization are very appealing to every woman. In the AnKa Jewelery store you will find various models of bracelets with cubic zirconia that you will surely like and will stay with you for longer.

A bracelet with chicory for a wedding

The right jewelry for the future bride is essential. Earrings, pendant and a beautiful bracelet with cubic zirconia that will decorate your hand on your wedding day, adding class and style to your creation. Thanks to the large selection in the AnKa Jewelery store, you can easily match a bracelet with cubic zirconia to your outfit on such an important day for you.