Brooches - Agate

Jewelery with agate is created in our store with a spectacular accessory in mind, which is a brooch. Brooches, once associated with grandmothers and mothers, are becoming a very popular jewelry accessory at great fashion shows, and the age limits of purchasing such tasteful jewelry have also become blurred.

Agate as a valued mineral

Agate is a semi-precious mineral, a ribbon, multicolored variety of chalcedony, its name comes from the "Achates" river in southern Sicily, Italy, where it was mined already in antiquity. geodes, and their color is sometimes diversified, they are caused by small outgrowths of various minerals. staining of agates Agate colors are the result of iron and manganese admixtures, these minerals can be transparent, translucent or opaque, there are many varieties Agate is a stone of balance, physical, intellectual and emotional, it gives self-confidence and acts like any gemstone soothing. In antiquity, agates were used to make amulets and seals, to decorate altars, vessels, brooches and in isiory. It is believed that agates deepen the respect for one's own body, it is said that it has a strong influence on the reproductive system and helps with lactation problems. It has a beneficial effect on problems with insomnia, protects children against epilepsy. Agate, once treated as an amulet that protects health and life, was known in antiquity.

Agate brooches in the AnKa Jewelery store

Agate is a popular, valued and well-known mineral for making jewelry, brooches with it have become a fashionable jewelery accessory worn in many ways, have returned to favor, are more and more often used to emphasize or diversify the styling. The brooch should be a separate addition to our outfit, its characteristic patterns, and its workmanship completes the whole. Brooches will always be associated with elegance and fashion that never fades away.

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