Brooches - Amethyst

Amethyst brooches in the AnKa Jewelry store are a timeless jewelery decoration. Our brooch is an original decoration that fits any occasion, it will decorate more than one coat, jacket and scarf in an elegant way, completing the outfit.

Brooches with a beautiful purple amethyst

Amethyst is a gemstone that belongs to the quartz family. Amethyst is purple in color, but this shade can vary from light to deep dark tones. Since the graceful stone is always transparent to translucent, it exudes the unique beauty that makes amethyst so attractive. The color of amethyst is delicate and therefore should not be exposed to sunlight, as amethyst can lose its intense color when exposed to light. The most important deposits of amethysts are in Brazil, Madagascar, Zambia and Uruguay. Amethysts are also found in Canada, India, Namibia, Mexico, Russia, and the USA. Amethyst also has numerous healing properties, it helps with headaches, neck tension and even severe migraines. Amethyst is used to treat acne and other skin diseases, it can also lower blood pressure, has a positive and calming effect, and strengthens your own creativity. Amethyst has also been a topic in art for centuries, as it is symbols of wealth and noble origin. Violet is the color of the clergy and to this day the Pope wears an amethyst ring.

Ametystem brooches in the AnKa Jewelery store

Amethyst, thanks to a strong purple or delicate lilac shade, is one of the most expressive gemstones of all, which is why brooches in our store are so popular, they are not only beautiful, but also versatile. Whether it's a sweater, jacket or scarf, the amethyst brooch from our store goes well with elegant or sporty outfits and complements various styles in a unique way. Amethyst brooches made in AnKa Jewelry made of high-quality 925 silver will be a stylish decoration, which in a unique way will give a unique glow to any styling, shiny purple will ennoble each outfit, presenting itself gracefully and luxuriously. Our jewelry made of high quality, with attention to every detail, combines the beauty of gemstones with naturalness. Amethyst is a unique gemstone that suits everyone, regardless of age, brings out an amazing shine from jewelry, it is a necessary decoration in every casket. Amethyst brooches will be the best companion for seductive jewelry, because they are a great gift idea for any woman who values ​​luxury and elegance.

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