Brooches - Cairo Night

Brooches in our store are a unique decoration valued by women looking for elegance, it is believed that the Cairo Night brings happiness and balance to the owner, our brooches with this mineral delight with lots of shiny particles.

Cairo night elegance and style

It is a man-made synthetic mineral. It is a black aventurine glass, it is produced like other glasses of this type, but thanks to the addition of cobalt and manganese, the crystals are more silvery. Dark color and shimmering light particles are associated with the starry sky, which is why it is called the stone of sorcerers or the night. Cairo Night is made of glaze and metal oxides and is not found naturally among minerals, metal particles precipitate in the structure of the glass mass, creating an effect called aventurization. Cairo Night strengthens the person wearing it, stabilizes its emotions and soothes any anxiety, protects its owner from people who wish him badly, but also against all slander and bad fame.

The Cairo Nights are attributed with cleansing properties, it is supposed to promote peace and rational thinking, as well as soothe emotions and protect against negative energy. It allows you to look into the future without looking back at what was. It is also useful in the fight against all pain, especially that caused by arthritis, rheumatism and inflammation. Cairo Night is to stabilize emotions, it can be used in depressive states or it will be suitable for people struggling with neurosis, it has a beneficial effect in the fight against stress, jewelry with this amazing stone will be a kind of amulet accumulating positive energy.

Cairo Night Brooches at AnKa Jewelery Store

Jewelry with the Night of Cairo in a subtle and intriguing way emphasizes each stylization, giving it a unique character. Our brooches with the Night of Cairo made in a silver setting in high-quality 925 silver will be a unique gift for a loved one, they add grace and elegance to every woman in a simple but sophisticated way. Cairo Night brooches are extremely unique, intriguing and full of mystery, they will be a great gift idea for women of all ages.

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