Brooches - Cubic Zirconia

The brooch is a universal accessory, it can be pinned anywhere and it will look great every time. We will be diversified by an old coat, a scarf that is already bored, a jacket too classic and elegant, but also a handbag that can be given a new design.

Rhinestones in jewelry

Cubic Zirconia is a colorless, synthetic stone that does not have its own pattern in nature. Usually it is colorless, this form is the most desirable because it resembles a diamond. With the help of a small admixture, you can easily change the color of the zircon to the desired color. Its price is much lower, so more and more often we use jewelery with zircon instead of a diamond, but it is not as durable as a diamond, after some time the edges of the zircon wear off, which causes the shape of the stone to change slightly. Rhinestones look stylish and look beautiful in interesting settings.

Brooch with cubic zirconia in the AnKa Jewelry store

Fashion has restored brooches to favors and they are triumphant in the world of fashion in a high position, in the AnKa Jewelery store we have a large variety of this jewelry, brooches with cubic zirconia are of particular interest. Cubic zirconia brooches are a beautiful accessory for any occasion, as well as for everyday wear. In our store, we have created a perfect solution for every woman, having one brooch, we have two pieces of jewelry, our brooch can also act as a necklace, you just need to buy a suitable chain for it. In our store, we made sure that brooches with cubic zirconia were made with precise precision, so that the comfort of wearing was always at the appropriate level, we offer brooches with cubic zirconia in many designs, from simple to more complicated ones.

Silver brooches in our store are made of high-quality 925 silver, so they match any styling and item of clothing, presenting elegant and classic. The brooches are made with great attention to detail, decorated with cubic zirconias, often with the addition of another stone, they add shine and timelessness.

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