Brooches - Marcasite

A brooch with marcasites is a strongly accentuated accessory in the form of jewelry, for women who like strong decorations, it will be a must-have item in a casket.

Brooch with marcasites

The store also offers brooches with marcasites. This brooch seems more decorated, luxurious, shiny and is the perfect choice for simple stylizations, both evening and daytime. Each of us, to feel feminine, allows you to emphasize your individual style, brooches are the most appropriate jewelry for this. In ancient times, people believed that marcasites had the power to neutralize negative energy, improve communication skills, and protect people in dangerous jobs. The ancient Egyptians used marcasites to soothe hysteria and internal anxiety.

Caring for marcasite brooches

Marquisites do not like water and other liquids. Make sure not to splash the brooches with water. Individual stones are embedded with the use of a special "cement" jewelry, which in contact with water, may dissolve and the stones will fall out. Jewelry in our store has original designs, and the workmanship itself is at the highest level, it would be a pity to lose such valuable specimens .
Brooches as precious as a diamond

In our store, jewelry is made very reliably, so after polishing the facets of stones, they shine like diamonds. We owe the elegant and tasteful style to our designers who closed it in a unique form. Marcasite itself is a shiny metallic jewelery stone. It is relatively hard and resistant to scratches and abrasions, so brooches with its use will please the eye of the owners even after many years.

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