Brooches - Mother of pearl

The brooch is an unobtrusive decoration that can be attached anywhere, depending on your taste or preferences. Formerly associated with grandmothers or mothers, today they are a desired decoration, regardless of age, the current fashion has brought them back into favor.

Mother of pearl in jewelry-origin

It is the inner, highly iridescent layer of selected species of clam shells, snails and nautilus. The color of mother of pearl can vary depending on where it is mined, white, silver, cream, blue-gray, gray, black, yellowish or rainbow. Mother of pearl is used as a decorative material, its strong iridescent layer is very popular in jewelry, this natural material is easily formed, which allows you to create the most sophisticated shapes in jewelry.

In jewelry, mother of pearl is most often obtained from two species of mussels: mother-of-pearl and abalone. It is also used to decorate everyday objects, such as the setting of cutlery, caskets, picture frames, ashtrays or soap dishes, as well as musical instruments. Mother of pearl also has healing properties, strengthens teeth and nails, cleanses the liver, helps to stop hemorrhages and heal wounds. It soothes anxiety, stimulates intuition, feelings and mind, can protect against negative emotions, as well as against radiation from home devices.

Brooches with mother of pearl in the AnKa Jewelry store

Mother of pearl, or mother of pearl has long been a valuable and popular material used in jewelry making, in our store mother of pearl has been used in unique brooches. Brooches with mother of pearl are extraordinary jewelry, it is an indispensable addition to scarves, sweaters, coats, jackets and even dresses. Such a unique ornament will be great as an original gift for a loved one, made with the greatest care, will be a great decoration for great events, but also on a daily basis. Such a mother-of-pearl brooch can often be a piece of jewelry that is passed down from generation to generation, it enjoys great recognition at fashion shows in the latest trends.

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