Brooches - Natural stones

Natural stones are extraordinary treasures of nature that are willingly used in jewelry. Jewelry made of them is unique and effective, they look great as an original addition to both day and evening styling.

Natural stone-olivine

It is a stone from Mexico, peridot is its jeweler type, it has a bottle-green color and is associated with the presence of iron. It is considered a symbol of fame and dignity, helps to maintain emotional balance, as well as a wounded ego. It reduces stress, fights anxiety, irritation and guilt, and also allows you to get rid of toxins accumulated in the body, caused by an improper diet or stimulants. It facilitates the absorption of nutrients, protects the lungs and sinuses against infection.

Natural ruby ​​stone

It comes from Sri Lanka, it is a valued gemstone, available in various shades and degrees of red color saturation. It is considered a love-bringing amulet, has wide healing properties, is used to treat blood diseases, especially anemia. It can purify the blood which is beneficial for the liver and brain. It is the hardest mineral right after diamond, it delights with its intense red color caused by the chromium atom. Ruby is supposed to attract positive energy, it is also considered an amulet to protect against misfortune, recommended primarily for people who are not willing to live, are extinguished, burned out, it can rebuild faith and restore optimism. It is considered the jewel of kings, it is a symbol of wealth and prosperity.
Natural stones in brooches in the AnKa Jewelry store

Natural stones often have an amazing play of colors, interesting inclusions or natural inclusions. Such stones will always create a unique decoration, because there are no identical two copies, mother nature made sure that each stone was unique, these are the brooches in our store. Natural stones are suitable for evening and day outfits, giving them a unique look.

The average rating of natural stones in brooches in the AnKa Jewelry store category: 5.0 / 5 - 79 customer reviews.