Brooches - Ruby

Ruby is the most famous gemstone, it is the object of desire of many women, it has been a symbol of love and passion for centuries, you can find it in our store in beautiful brooches that delight with their colors.

Ruby king of jewels

Ruby, right after diamond, is the hardest mineral, it is a red variety of corundum, the color of which is due to traces of chromium in the stone. Its durability, beauty, shine visible from a distance, and its rarity make it worn by both men and women. Rubies have numerous inclusions, and their color and type determine their origin. Its name comes from its color, "ruber" from Latin means "red". In Sanskrit, ruby ​​is known as "ratnaraj" which means "king of jewels" or ratnanayaka - leader of all gemstones. Most rubies range in shades from purplish red to brownish red. The best rubies come from Burma, later also from Thailand, Mozambique, Sri Lanka, Kenya, Madagascar, Tanzania, Cambodia, Afghanistan and India.

Ruby, like any red stone, is associated with love, its energy is associated with abundance. This precious stone attracts love, passion and commitment. It restores passion and will to live, and also protects against people who have a negative impact on us. It helps a very sensitive person to overcome their shyness, this stone allows them to open themselves to love for their neighbors and for themselves. Ruby also has wide healing properties, has a positive effect on the circulatory and cardiac systems, cleanses the body, helps in the treatment of infections, fever, and improves the condition of the kidneys and blood circulation. Ruby increases the vitality, both physical strength and vital energy, extending life to the maximum, the red color of ruby ​​heals apathetic, sick, deprived of initiative and immersed in melancholy and lethargy.

Ruby brooches in the AnKa Jewelry store

Ruby is a valued stone in jewelry due to its intense color, in our store you can find brooches with this beautiful stone in modern versions, surprising with a rich palette of colors and a variety of forms. Ruby brooches in the AnKa Jewelery store look elegant and tasteful in every styling, look best against the background of a subdued wardrobe, attract the eyes of everyone around. Silver or gold-plated ruby ​​brooches in our store are made with the utmost care, such jewelry will be one of a kind.

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