Brooches - Turquoise

A brooch is a great jewelry accessory that is most often passed down from generation to generation. This beautiful, original ornament works great in modern shapes, patterns, as well as beautiful colors, it is an extraordinary accessory discreetly decorating a selected item of clothing.

Turquoise is a highly valued decorative stone

Turquoise is a rare mineral from the phosphate group, its name derives from the name of Turkey, as the trade route from Persia to Europe used to lead through Turkey, it usually occurs in compact, cryptocrystalline, kidney-shaped clusters, often also forming raids and crusts. Turquoise is green-blue-cyan in color, it is a rare mineral in the copper ore weathering zone, in an environment rich in aluminum, usually supplied from feldspar weathering. It is a very sought-after and attractive collector's stone, a highly valued decorative stone, used in jewelery and artistic decorations, it is used for making artistic jewelery and small decorative accessories. Turquoise is called the "victor's stone", it is to protect travelers, support creative expression, wisdom, love, communication. It supports all psychic abilities, astral travel, contacts with spirits. legends change color to warn the owner of betrayal or danger.

It is probably one of the oldest stones used by humans, has been and is valued in many cultures. Turquoise is used in the treatment of all diseases, in particular headaches, eyes, lungs, heart and throat, thanks to its properties, the body better absorbs mineral salts and proteins, if the owner is sick, turquoise discoloration. Among other properties, turquoise has an effect in overcoming stomach problems and strengthens the respiratory system.

Turquoise brooches in the AnKa Jewelry store

Jewelry with turquoise is not only an original accessory, but also a kind of amulet, when worn it helps to fight nervous tension, which is why it is a great gift idea for everyone, it works perfectly as a unique jewelry, both in a silver and gold setting. Turquoise brooches will be the most beautiful gift for women who appreciate subtle colors and delicate beauty. Made with attention to every detail and detail, they will be a beautiful decoration of every styling.

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