Silver brooches with amber are an unobtrusive decoration for everyone, at any age. A brooch can make each piece of clothing unique. Such a small ornament shows its class and elegance, it is a universal form of jewelry.

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A must have stylish jewelry in the AnKa Jewelry Store

A brooch is a piece of jewelry that won the hearts of actresses and models. Brooches take all fashion collections by storm, they used to be a status symbol. Most often associated with mature women, today fashion has reversed this trend and brooches have become a very desirable addition to any style of clothing and for any occasion - now the brooch is also the domain of young people. In our store you will find silver or gold-plated brooches with the addition of amber in various forms and shapes, small and large, simple or with a complex pattern. A wide selection allows you to find something for everyone. Many of them can also be used as a chain pendant. They are characterized primarily by very good quality and attention to detail. The brooches come at very affordable and great prices.

Impressive brooch with a sunny Amber

The high quality of our 925 silver products in combination with Baltic amber creates a whole with a unique character. In our store you will find brooches inspired by vintage style, the world of nature, as well as more modern designs. Dark brown, orange-gold or yellow material is a favorite accessory among women all over the world. We recommend you to see our offer.
How to wear a brooch?

An elegant and basic version of wearing a brooch is to put it on a jacket or jacket, usually it is attached to lapels, it also fits perfectly with scarves or scarves. On the other hand, the rarer, though not typical, version will be attaching a brooch to a purse, even the simplest cut will be unique. The newest, though controversial, way to put it on is to attach it to your shoes. Average rating for Baltic amber brooches in the category:

5.0 / 5 - 182 customer reviews