Unikalna Biżuteria Wisior LISTEK z koralami - idealny na jesień i zimę View larger



Ein wunderschöner Anhänger. Wunderschön am Ausschnitt dargestellt. Zusammen mit Ohrringen und Armband stellen sie eine wunderschöne Dekoration des bescheidensten Outfits dar. Ich kann es nur empfehlen.


Ein märchenhafter, prächtiger Anhänger, der beim Anziehen immer in den Vordergrund tritt. Die ganze Dekoration der einfachsten Bluse. Apart -Sammlung und der Preis ist 2-mal niedriger !!! Ich kann es nur empfehlen. Ich habe beim Kauf von Frau Ania gespart :)


A beautiful pendant. Beautifully presented on the neckline. Together with earrings and bracelet they are a beautiful decoration of the most modest outfit. I highly recommend it.


A fairy-tale, magnificent pendant, which when put on always comes to the fore. The whole decoration of the simplest blouse. Apart collection, and the price is 2 times lower !!! I heartily recommend. I saved by buying from Mrs. Ania :)

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Elegant pendant with coral - perfect for any season

Elegant pendant with coral - perfect for any season

Elegant pendant with coral - perfect for any season

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silver pendant with three corals - HIT among silver jewelry.
Silver 925
The length of the pendant 8cm
Weight: ~ 19.7 g
Package for the pendant for FREE!

We recommend earrings, a bracelet and a ring to the set.

The pendant which is a hit in our collection is one of the best-selling pendants. It has a beautiful shape finished with beautiful red corals. Inside the pendant is beautifully sawn oxidized silver.

 It fits perfectly with thick autumn sweaters and at the same time fits well with summer blouses.

You can wear with thongs and with a chain you will gain elegance.

  • ore: silver
  • Stone: coral
  • Waga: 20.5000


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