Garnet earrings

Pomegranate earrings in our AnKa Jewelery store are especially popular. The models come in a wide variety of colors and patterns. Thanks to the large assortment, you will surely find something suitable for you or a loved one.

Magic stone garnet earrings

Pomegranate has health properties that fight skin ailments. Therefore, if you have a problem with recurrent inflammation, it is worth getting garnet earrings. The mineral is recommended for people who want to cleanse their entire body and reduce the risk of heart disease. The stone can stimulate the body to act, to fully engage, and to fight toxins. It supports memory, body immunity, and better digestibility of nutrients.

Pomegranate earrings as an amulet protects its holder from failure and fully motivates to action. It is especially recommended as a stone for business people, as it brings good luck in this area. Pomegranate is suitable for people under the sign of Aries, as well as people born in January. As tradition shows, garnet earrings can be a gift for a second wedding anniversary.

Pomegranate earrings in the AnKa Jewelry store

Pomegranate as a stone is a popular and liked stone. Its colors are very different, which also allows you to make navy blue earrings in various colors. Decorated with garnet jewelry, it will surely appeal to the most demanding customers.

Pomegranate earrings are perfect for any occasion, they look beautiful on women's ears, adding femininity. In our AnKa Jewelery store, you will find both darker and slightly lighter navy blue. This stone goes well with both gold and silver. By choosing earrings with garnet, you will surely get a timeless ornament that will stay with you for years. Garnet jewelery is a type of jewelery that looks great both for everyday and evening outfits. It adds style and elegance in every situation!

The pomegranate resembles the grains of the fruit of the same name, hence its Latin name.

The color of this gemstone ranges from orange-red to purple-red. This color makes jewelry, including garnet earrings, a distinctive addition. It is a stone that looks good both in vintage decorations and in modern forms. Women's earrings with garnet are universal, so you can use them on various occasions. By choosing gold or silver earrings, you get a timeless ornament.