Jewelry sets - Hematite

A set of jewelry with hematite impact on the holder

Jewelry for people who have problems with what is happening here and now, detached from reality, running away from problems and life. It helps to "stand more firmly". It is jewelry for women who want to make a difference. Hematite jewelry awakens optimism, courage and magnetism. It attracts the eyes of others. It has been known for a long time that the stone activates life forces and helps in overcoming adversities.

Jewelry with hematites

In nature, hematite is black in color. Polished gives a beautiful, shimmering effect, which is why it looks beautiful in the form of beads and cabochons, in the AnKa Jewelry store you will find jewelry sets, a necklace with a bracelet. In addition, you will find many necklaces with admixtures of other materials that give this stone new characteristics. Then they shimmer with a variety of colors and have delicate magnetic properties.

It is quite a brittle mineral, so processing it can be problematic.

Jewelry sets for women

Jewelry in our store increases personal charm, optimism and courage. Despite such commonness and commonness of hematite as a mineral, looking at its history and versatility of applications, we can confidently call this stone uncommon, and even - literally and figuratively - otherworldly! And certainly this is what - amazing - it will look like in jewelery projects in our store.

Hematite jewelry set

Anka Jewelry presents stylish accessories every day. Among them, a special place is occupied by jewelry sets with hemetite. The universal, subtle and feminine design is perfect for work, meetings with friends or a romantic date. Thanks to its unobtrusive form, it pleasantly complements the chosen outfit. Their beauty makes you feel good.