Jewelry sets - Opal

Opal jewelery sets in the AnKa Jewelery store are available in various colors and patterns. Opal shimmers beautifully with all the colors of the rainbow. It is a very elegant stone that goes well with everything.

Opal - a stone of many colors

Opal is a beautiful stone that shimmers with the most beautiful colors and effects created by nature itself. The following opals are used in jewelry: white, black, fiery and watery. We can also separate them into ordinary and noble. Opalescence, the so-called The "play of colors" comes from the opal that shimmers in a unique way.

Opal impresses with its delicacy and harmony of colors. For centuries, opal has been described as "the father of all stones". A set of jewelry with opal will not let you pass by indifferently. The masterful play of colors on the surface of the stone will impress any lover of subtle aesthetics. In our AnKa Jewelry store you will find stylish and effective sets of opal jewelry.

Opal is a stone that promotes creativity and gives ideas, while improving attention and memory. In the old days, it was claimed that opal made it invisible. The stone favors love, brotherhood and fidelity. Opal has healing properties (helps with low blood pressure and high cholesterol) and adds zest for life, it is recommended for people who are sick or prone to depression.

Opal jewelery sets in the AnKa Jewelery Store

Opal jewelery sets are an ideal solution for going out or as an addition to everyday outfit. Opal is a very interesting stone, which is why it has many admirers who think that opal jewelry sets look special.

Opal is especially recommended for people from the zodiac sign: Cancer, Gemini, Virgo, Libra and Scorpio.

The opal should be cared for properly. You should definitely avoid bumps or scratches. Due to the water content, the stone cannot be kept in a dry place as it may crack. If the opal is exposed to drying out, we can immerse it in water for two hours. Opal jewelry sets are best kept separate from other jewelry.