Moonstone rings

The moonstone owes its name to its unique sheen, which has always been associated with the glow of the moon. Moonstone rings at AnKa Jewelery are unique not only because of their magical appearance.

They also have unique properties. You will find out about them if you choose this type of jewelry.

Moonstone rings

The moonstone is currently a very popular stone used in jewelry. It looks beautiful and has its own unique properties. The unusual mineral will charm many women with its shine. Considered in many countries as a magic stone, also known as the lovers' stone. Having a moonstone ring is designed to help balance your feelings, give you strength and inspiration, and bring good luck to gamblers. Jewelry will help you achieve success and bring good luck in business and love. The moonstone has been enchanting for a long time with its unique glow, which is associated with the glow of the moon. Having a moonstone ring will definitely make you stand out from the crowd as it is hard not to notice such a beautiful mineral. The lively moonstone on your finger, under the influence of light, will sparkle with beautiful shades of blue and even in the colors of the rainbow.

Moonstone and its special properties

A ring with a moonstone in the AnKa Jewelery store can serve as a talisman for its owner, which has a wide range of applications and a strong effect. According to ancient beliefs, the moonstone provided a restful sleep and helped in many ailments, incl. helped to regulate hormonal disorders. And in India, the moonstone is considered a talisman that brings good fortune and supports spiritual enlightenment. A moonstone ring that supports love can be a perfect gift idea for an important anniversary, birthday, or it can be a unique engagement ring. Its difference from a diamond is something very creative, so you will surely positively surprise your chosen one!

Moonstone is a unique variety of orthoclase. It changes with a silver-pearl or silver-blue pearl glow. It blends beautifully with silver, creating a coherent and elegant whole. Moonstone rings can have a modern, simple form or a classic, more decorative one. They are equally original in each version.

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