Jewellery with Natural stones

Earrings with natural stones are surely an amazingly effective accessory that complements the outfit. Jewelry made in this way will also emphasize the personality and character of a woman. In our AnKa Jewelery store, we offer a very wide selection of earrings with natural stones.

The variety of natural stones is extremely beautiful because they come in many colors, some of them with subtle patterns. The addition of natural stones in earrings has enjoyed unwavering interest for many years.

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Earrings with natural stones in the AnKa Jewelry store

Depending on the type of stone, its color also changes. This is what makes and enhances the uniqueness of earrings with natural stones.

In the AnKa Jewelery store you will surely find something for yourself. We offer, among others earrings with ruby, pink quartz, blue turquoise, lemon and many other natural stones. Models with natural stones are also available in hanging, long and straight screws.
Earrings with natural stones - sapphire

Sapphire is one of the hardest minerals found in nature. It is quite rare, which makes it more and more appreciated. Its beautiful shade of blue looks beautiful on both silver and gold jewelry.

Earrings with natural stones - amethyst

A unique stone of various colors, from purple to light heather. A beautiful variety of quartz that catches the eye, and at the same time its action frees you from all worries. As an accessory to jewelry, it looks very interesting in combination with gold or black.
Earrings with natural stones - ruby

An exceptionally impressive stone, which is very often combined in jewelry with emerald or sapphire, giving exceptional color saturation. It looks beautiful in silver and gold jewelry. Its pink and red variety perfectly emphasize any color of irises.

Earrings with natural stones are original jewelry available in many variants.

Each pair may look different depending on the mineral used, such as agate, moonstone, dendrite or amethyst. Women's earrings with stones look good in a long and dangling version, or as simple screws. They instantly liven up even the simplest of styles. Both silver and gold earrings are a stylish setting for precious or semi-precious stones. You will surely find a pair that will fully suit you.