Necklaces - Amethyst

Effective amethyst necklaces are perfect as jewelry not only for big events, but also every day, necklaces from the AnKa Jewelery store have a classic form, because the amethyst stone stands out from any ornament.

Amethyst and its valuable properties

The amethyst stone is a purple gemstone, it is called the stone of harmony and relaxation. He can restore balance to people who are prone to stress, he can free the mind from negative thoughts, occurs in Brazil, Uruguay and Mexico. Amethyst is a purple variety of quartz, it has been valued in jewelry for over 2,000 years, because it has a wonderful color and properties, in the past it became an ornament of power insignia or jewelry on crowned heads, which made it a symbol of power and dignity. The color of the amethyst stone changes depending on the place where the amethyst stone is mined, the expert eye can guess its place of origin. Amethyst owes its wonderful purple color to its iron content and to the natural radiation beneath the Earth's surface, its color ranges from light pink to dark purple, which is most desirable in jewelry.

Necklaces with a beautiful purple amethyst in the AnKa Jewelry store

Amethyst comes in various shades of purple, it is a valued stone in jewelry, thanks to it the necklaces created in our store are so delightful. The beautiful color of amethyst and the scratch resistance and affordable price of this stone make it a favorite gemstone of artists, jewelers, goldsmiths and customers. Necklaces are an inseparable element of styling, in the AnKa Jewelery store, an amethyst necklace will work as jewelry in everyday life as well as during important occasions and celebrations. Our amethyst necklaces are made of high-quality metals, with the addition of this unique stone, they will delight not only one woman, but also a man.

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