Necklaces - Coral

Necklaces with coral delight with their unique charm, they are the most valued and the most popular stone in jewelry, in our store silver or gold-plated necklaces with coral will be jewelry for every occasion.

Coral and its importance

Precious corals are the skeletons of marine coral animals derived exclusively from the Coralliidae family, they take decades to grow, and breeding them is practically impossible, high-quality precious corals are nowadays very rare. The corals have a very hard skeleton, hard enough for grinding and polishing, but can break easily, giving them a porcelain luster. The skeleton of precious corals is mainly made of calcium carbonate and magnesium carbonate combined with a small amount of organic matter, it is a great material for jewelry products. The coral of precious beads is a raw material for jewelery processing, after cleaning from the external tissue surrounding it, the most common are rings for rings, pendants, amulets, necklaces, earrings and various figurines, precious beads are cold to the touch. Their characteristic feature is the presence of very fine parallel stripes on the surface, after grinding the traces of the stripes are visible as faint longitudinal lines on the surface of the coral.

The coral of precious corals is characterized by a durable and intense color from white, through various shades of pink, salmon, orange or blood red. In jewelery, coral, although it is of organic and animal origin, is classified as a gemstone, the most valued are large, uniform, dark red or pink corals. Their skeletons are most often made into corals and cabochons, as well as sculptures and cameos.

Necklaces with coral in the AnKa Jewelry store

Coral was used in antiquity to create ornaments and jewelry, and in many cultures it is also considered a protective talisman, it is supposed to protect against evil eyes, disease and betrayal. The corals worn around the neck are credited with the power to soothe nervous diseases and free from tics. In the AnKa Jewelery store you can find necklaces with beautiful coral in original designs, as well as a guarantee of authenticity and high quality of the raw materials used. The coral necklaces in our store are a beautiful decoration for brave women who want to emphasize their individualism and unique style.

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