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Cubic zirconia necklaces are loved by women all over the world for their diamond imitation. In our AnKa Jewelery store, we have many models in our assortment, so you will certainly find jewelry that is right for you or a loved one.

Cubic Zirconia as an imitation of a diamond appreciated in jewelry

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The synthetic stone that is cubic zirconia resembles a diamond. For this reason, it is so much appreciated and popular in jewelry. It appeared in 1973 and has been a popular stone on a very large scale since then. Cubic Zirconia in jewelry is highly popular for both price and visual reasons. It generally takes a colorless color, however, it is possible to obtain the color of zircon by adding the appropriate raw materials. You will find such a colorful cubic zirconia in a necklace with cubic zirconia in our AnKa Jewelry store.

The stone is used in dentistry, in industry - as a probe for a probe analyzing the amount of oxygen in the exhaust gas, in the production of ceramic knives, and for pH measurement at higher temperatures.

Necklaces with cubic zirconia in the AnKa Jewelery store

In the assortment of our store you will find necklaces with cubic zirconia very subtle, with single cubic zirconias with a perfect finish. This type of jewelry is recommended to women who appreciate minimalism and modernity. Necklaces expressive with many cubic zirconia emphasizing the nature of a strong independent woman have a sophisticated design and taste.

Wedding jewelry should be unique, distinctive and intimidating with its appearance. Necklaces with cubic zirconia, especially the richer models, are suitable for such an occasion. Thanks to the large assortment in our AnKa Jewelery store, you can easily choose a necklace with cubic zirconia for your dress on such a special day for you.

Necklaces with zircons are intended for all women due to their versatility and beauty. This type of jewelry emphasizes the feminine appearance, creation and beauty. In the AnKa Jewelery store you will find various models of necklaces with cubic zirconia that you will surely like and will stay with you for longer.

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