Necklaces - Garnet

Jewelry with pomegranate is a proposal for women who want to feel special. Our jewelery is the essence of timeless elegance, and garnet necklaces are a determinant of femininity and sex appeal, because jewelery with precious stones returns to favor.

Garnet in jewelry as a precious stone

Pomegranate is a precious stone from the group of silicates, with a color ranging from bright red to dark red, it comes from igneous, metamorphic rocks and crumb deposits. Pomegranates differ in color, density and refractive index, the most popular are those of red color, it is the most common. Pomegranates are also available in other colors: orange, yellow and green, and due to their high hardness, they are classified as a grinding stone.

One of the most distinctive features of the pomegranate is its ability to heal and cleanse, it gets rid of toxins from the body and returns the body to a state of balance. In lithotherapy, it is believed to reduce depression, increase self-confidence, it is also used for hormonal problems, inflammation and anger, it helps with anemia, cleans the blood, and improves the health of bones, lungs and heart. It is also a protective stone, protects against dangers and misfortunes, indicated above all for people discouraged with life. Recommended for business people, it is referred to as an amulet, its purpose is to protect against losing money.

Pomegranate necklaces in the AnKa Jewelry store

Pomegranate is an impressive gemstone, valued in jewelry, it is very popular, it successfully adorns silver and gold-plated jewelry, such jewelry will be an elegant addition to the outfit, but also as everyday jewelry in a more minimalist version. In the AnKa Jewelry store you can find this gemstone in a variety of shades, and our jewelry will delight every demanding woman who combines classic with modern fashion trends, it is a response to the most exorbitant expectations of women who value effective jewelry. The combination of strong colors, with a lot of precious stones, arouses admiration, such jewelry will add elegance and good taste to any styling, it is jewelry made with attention to the smallest details.

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