Necklaces - Hematite

Necklaces with hematite on a female body look beautiful. The stone in different colors stands out from the rest. Hematite is called "bloody" due to its health properties.

Hematite necklaces in the AnKa Jewelry store

You will find hematite necklaces in our AnKa Jewelry store in a variety of designs, also in a set with a bracelet. Such jewelry will perfectly match both evening and everyday outfits. It is worth having a hematite necklace because of its power to attract happiness, prosperity and good thoughts. By wearing jewelry with this stone, it will bring to the ground people who are "floating in the clouds", have unrealistic plans. In addition, it calms the owner and gives him courage.

Our offer of AnKa Jewelery offers stylish hematite necklaces that will surely appeal to you. It will surely be an excellent and original gift idea for a loved one. This jewelry in our store is distinguished primarily by the best class of workmanship and the excellent quality of the hematites used.

The magic of hematite

Hematite has a positive effect on the circulatory system in the human body. It allows iron in the blood to be absorbed faster, which is very helpful in anemia. It helps to stop the blood, so it is recommended that women always have it with them in the form of, for example, a hematite necklace. You certainly cannot store hematite with rock crystal because of taking away the bad energy that has accumulated in the stone. It is also not recommended to be used with other stones as the stone may lose its unique properties. The stone or the hematite necklace should not be worn while bathing, swimming pool or generally not in contact with water. We can clean it, but without any liquids, even those special for jewelry, with a damp cloth only. After rubbing, the stone should be dried with a soft, dry cloth.

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