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Jasper necklaces are an inseparable element of styling, both in everyday life and during important celebrations, necklaces in the AnKa Jewelry store will make you feel beautiful and you will look stunning.

Jasper and its properties

Jasper is one of the most popular stones used for making jewelry, it can come in many varieties such as mokait, unakit, landscape and imperial jasper. Jasper is characterized by darker spots on the surface, it is composed mainly of quartz and chalcedony, but depending on its chemical composition and other minerals, it takes on different colors, from green through yellow, red, violet, to white and brown. The name of jasper comes from the Greek "iaspis", meaning a mottled stone.

Jasper is considered a protective stone, it is said that it is supposed to absorb negative energies, strengthens will power, gives self-confidence and sensitizes. It teaches modesty, constancy and perseverance. It also has healing properties, can heal internal hemorrhages, disinfects and strengthens the blood. It is said that jasper can improve the atmosphere both in the family circle and in a team at work or in a group of friends.

Jasper necklaces in the AnKa Jewelry store

Jasper necklaces in the AnKa Jewelry store are the right jewelry for a loved one, jasper necklaces from our store are suitable for everyone of all ages. Jasper works great in various jewelry products, not only because of the colors, but also because it can be given any shape. Elegant ornaments with jasper in the form of a necklace make all the attention is focused on it, it is perfect for sumptuous dinners, meetings, as well as everyday jewelry.

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