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Necklaces with gemstones in our store are characterized by an original and remarkable pattern, natural or synthetic stone in our jewelry in a sophisticated way decorates every stylization, enlivening many outfits.

Jewelery stones

Sapphire is a rare mineral from the oxide group, it is a blue type of corundum, it occurs in various shades of blue, mainly in Kashmir, Burma and Thailand, it is one of the hardest minerals found in nature. It owes its unique blue color to an admixture of titanium and iron. Sapphires are also available in other colors, e.g. white, colorless, light pink, black, green and purple.

Sapphire occurs in igneous rocks, it is a strong guardian stone, also called "the stone of faith and peace of mind", it symbolizes immortality and purity, fidelity, pure love and truth, already in ancient times enjoyed great interest, which is why it is such an amazing stone in necklaces in AnKa Jewelry store.

Jewelery stones in AnKa Jewelery necklaces

Jewelery stones in our store are stylish, elegantly displayed in a silver or gold frame. Silver in the AnKa Jewelry store decorates necklaces, we only use high-quality 925 silver, each necklace has a unique and unique design, it is jewelry for women who care about their image in a special way. Jewelery stones in our store, natural or synthetic, are characterized by a rich form and color selection, they give a unique and exceptional look to our jewelry.

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