Necklaces - Marcasite

Marquesas dazzle with a unique, metallic glow, necklaces with this unique stone create extremely effective jewelry. In our store you can find necklaces decorated only with marcasite and marcasite with the addition of precious stones, both of these versions will attract the eyes of everyone around.

Marquites - natural stones in jewelry

Its name comes from the Arabic word "pyrite" - marcasite, its shapes when viewed from the outside may take the form of flat plates or pyramids. Marcasite is formed at low temperatures from acidic water solutions, mainly near the earth's surface, and less frequently from deep-sea thermal waters. Used in jewelry since antiquity, it was highly valued due to the fact that after polishing the facets of stones, their shine resembled diamonds. The most famous places of marcasite mining are: Mexico, Bolivia, England, Peru, Germany, the Czech Republic, Austria, France, China, the United States and Russia Marquesites are set in silver, creating a contrast that deepens their diamond shine.

Necklaces with marcasite in the AnKa Jewelry store

Today, marcasite is associated with retro fashion, it gives elegance and sophistication to any type of jewelry. Necklaces with marcasite in our store, due to the hardness of this stone, will please the eye even after many years of use. Our necklaces will shine with a special glow for demanding women who appreciate the unique charm of jewelry, so reminiscent of the brilliance of diamonds. In the AnKa Jewelry store, the highest quality marcasite necklaces have been taken care of, those with the addition of precious stones, but also those without additional decorations, so they will be a great idea for a loved one. Such amazing jewelry will emphasize femininity, it is a timeless elegance. The simplicity of making marcasite necklaces makes it the right jewelry for big events, but also for everyday use, you will not be unnoticed, thanks to this jewelry it is easy to stand out from the crowd.

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