Necklaces - Mother of pearl

In our AnKa Jewelery store you will find mother-of-pearl necklaces that will beautifully decorate your neck. Mother of pearl, used since antiquity in jewelry, has an unusual multi-colored color.

Mother of pearl in jewelry

Mother of pearl is produced inside the shells of some molluscs. It is created in a natural way because of their defense against unwanted guests. Mother of pearl is mainly made of calcium carbonate. Mother of pearl after cutting from mollusk shell is bleached or dyed in various colors. To get an amazing glow, it is very finely polished. It is later cut into multiple shapes. Its uniqueness is due to metal oxides that change the refraction of light, during which an amazing glow is created. Soap bubbles and gasoline stains have a similar effect.

Jewelry with mother of pearl is an interesting proposition for people who want to emphasize their elegance. Perfectly suited not only for everyday use, but also for larger events. All mother-of-pearl necklaces are unique. They are perfect as a gift for a loved one.

Necklaces with mother of pearl in the AnKa Jewelry store

Mother of pearl, also known as mother of pearl, is appreciated by women because of its uniqueness and elegance. Most often, pearl necklaces are chosen by people who want to emphasize their styling. In our store, necklaces with mother of pearl, silver or gold-plated with yellow or rose gold, create a delicate, feminine ornament that will give any styling an amazing effect. Jewelry with mother of pearl can act as an amulet that will subtly stimulate energy in the cells of the body, making them more flexible. It will also increase their ability to absorb, which will make the skin firmer, which is an additional advantage of having pearl jewelry. Necklaces will also be a great gift idea that will satisfy any discerning woman.

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