Necklaces - Onyx

Onyx, known already in antiquity, used, among others, by for the production of seals it has very good properties. Beautifully presented onyx, used in jewelry, stands out from other raw materials. Necklaces with onyx available in the AnKa Jewelery store are suitable for any occasion.

Necklaces with onyx - a mineral with many properties

Belonging to the quartz group, black onyx is characterized by a parallel arrangement of layers, usually black or with streaks of other shades and a shiny gloss. Onyx, as a gemstone, symbolizes power and strength. It is intended especially for people who often struggle with stressful situations and make difficult decisions. The energy of the stone strengthens its owner while performing difficult tasks. Black Onyx is a stone that allows you to focus on every important detail, it is also suitable for people who work mentally. And for those who work physically, onyx helps to recover quickly lost strength. According to alternative medicine, black onyx is used in almost every field. From stress and dermatological problems to arthritis related conditions. For these reasons, a necklace with onyx is an ideal talisman that is worth carrying with you, they are also a unique decoration that will give elegance to any styling.

Necklaces with onyx in the AnKa Jewelry store

In our AnKa Jewelry store you will find a large selection of onyx necklaces, thanks to which you will certainly choose something for yourself. Onyx is a type of stone that is perfect for both everyday styling and elegant dresses. It also goes beautifully with other stones in jewelry. In the store's assortment you will find onyx necklaces that look very delicate and larger models for people who want to emphasize their character and strong personality.

The onyx necklace does not require any special care from the user. The stone itself reacts very well to sunlight and contact with water. In astronomical environments, onyx is said to charge directly when exposed to sunlight, and cleansing occurs when the stone is in contact with running water.

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