Necklaces - Opal

Necklaces are an inseparable element of jewelry both in everyday life, but also for special occasions, the opal necklaces in the AnKa Jewelry store are original and unique for every woman who wants to emphasize her natural beauty.

Opal as a stone with a wide range of applications

Opal is the most famous photonic crystal. Opals are divided into the noble and ordinary ones, they have a multitude of colors and varieties, the most valued in jewelry is noble opal. It comes from volcanic and sedimentary rocks as well as from weathering zones. Its name comes from Sanskrit from the word "heat" meaning "precious, precious stone".

Precious opal is the most valuable, it is one of the most expensive gemstones, it is used to make precious jewelery and sought after by collectors. Black opals are considered the most valuable and the most sought-after, because the dark background best highlights the colored light reflections, their disadvantage is high sensitivity to temperature changes. The following types of opal can be distinguished: blue, black, green, milky, fire, peacock, gold and pink.

Opal necklaces in the AnKa Jewelry store

Jewelry with opal is a very unique accessory, its variety of colors allows you to create various necklaces. Opal necklaces in the AnKa Jewelery store delight with their diversity, pattern and workmanship, combined in a silver or gold frame, they will attract the attention of every woman who can appreciate their uniqueness. There will also be hand-made opal jewelery.

The ease of processing this stone allows you to create various jewelry decorations, and numerous color versions make it attractive. Opal is a graceful stone that, with its wide range of colors, can be combined with other stones, and the quality and workmanship will always be at the highest level. Opal necklaces will be a unique gift for everyone, regardless of the occasion or age.

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