Necklaces - Pearls

Pearl necklaces in the AnKa Jewelry store are elegant and classic jewelry. You will certainly find something for yourself or someone close to you. Pearls are an element of jewelry that every woman should have.

Pearl as a sign of elegance

Pearls are produced by mother-of-pearl - one of the clam varieties. When it gets into the shell of the clams, the foreign body is automatically doused with mother of pearl. Depending on the shape of the unwanted guest, pearls are made in various forms and shapes. Also appear in a variety of colors. The basic colors of pearls are: pink, cream, silver, yellow, black, blue, green and brown with varying degrees of saturation and brightness. Pearls are said to be the oldest jewels known to man that have been loved by women all over the world.

Pearls should be properly cared for. Certainly, when wearing them on your body, for example in the form of a necklace with pearls, you should avoid contact with pearls, sweat, hairspray, and cosmetics. First of all, it is worth applying makeup and styling a hairstyle, and after half an hour from these steps, apply pearls. Unfortunately, pearls get old when they come into contact with the above-mentioned. things.

Pearl is of medium hardness, so we should definitely protect it from scratching. Pearl necklaces are best stored in a very soft base in a casket, a soft bag or a chest with a velvet lining.

Pearl necklaces in the AnKa Jewelry store

Pearl necklaces are chic, stylish and eternal. It emphasizes the delicacy and beauty of every woman, regardless of age or skin color. Jewelery with pearls is a perfect match for any everyday outfit and is a great choice for any occasion.

Pearls are of great importance in many cultures. In India, each bride at her wedding must wear pearls - as a detail of the outfit, while in Christianity they mark a new beginning, renewal and are a distinguishing feature of Mary and a symbol of the Kingdom of God. In China, pearls mean the highest purity and value, and in Mythology they are associated with Aphrodite - the goddess of love.

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