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Jewelry gives every woman a personal character, and a quartz necklace will be a modern accent that will turn even the simplest styling into a unique creation. Whether it's for casual jewelry or for important occasions, a quartz necklace will make you feel special every time you put it on.

Beautiful and unique quartz necklaces

Pure quartz is completely colorless, that is, transparent. Due to various inclusions of ions and minerals or certain irradiation, gemstones acquire a wide range of colors, which is why they are such a valuable addition in any jewelry. The most important quartz mining sites are in Brazil, India, Madagascar and the USA. Its hardness also makes quartz a permanent gemstone of great popularity, necklaces made of it are a beautiful decoration that will emphasize the character and taste of the owner. Necklaces with quartz will give any styling a modern accent, because quartz always shimmers beautifully, it will be a great addition to emphasize the neckline and attract subtle looks. Because it can be used with any type of jewelry, and thanks to the variety of colors, it will be a beautiful accent on your neck.

Necklaces with quartz in the AnKa Jewelry store

Thanks to the variety of colors, quartz perfectly matches different types of ore, its crystal surfaces have a glassy shine, which gives each stone a unique look. Due to the noble appearance and the numerous possible variants, quartz crystals provide a particularly noble appearance to the necklaces in the AnKa Jewelry store. Quartz is one of the most popular gemstones, in our store it comes in various designs of quartz necklaces, and one thing they have in common is high quality and luxurious appearance. Quartz is naturally completely transparent, but the action of liquids or gases may make the stone a bit cloudy. In our store, a wide selection of quartz necklaces will allow you to choose the one that suits you, the variety of forms and patterns will surprise you with its uniqueness.
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