Necklaces - Rose quartz

Jewelry with pink quartz is extremely beautiful, but also durable, it is believed that it is a kind of amulet warding off evil, its task is to heal our relations with the world and people. This beautiful, magical stone has been used to make the highest quality jewelry.

Rose quartz as a stone of love

This gemstone comes in many shades of pink, from pale pink, through deep pink, ending with pink-red, its color is caused by the presence of manganese or titanium, depending on their proportions, its saturation depends. In particular, iridescent stones with a deep color are very popular, such an addition to the necklaces makes a great impression. Rose quartz is very popular among collectors and jewelers, it is a stone used to make jewelry, utility and decorative objects. It is also called the "stone of artists" inspires and enlivens creative thinking. Rose quartz, also called the stone of love, in various aspects of life, helps in attracting love and friendship, is to ensure success in the opposite sex and bring happiness in relationships. for beauty treatments, it has a positive and soothing effect on the skin, makes it more elastic and eliminates wrinkles.

Necklaces with rose quartz in the AnKa Jewelry store

Rose quartz is of great importance for collectors as a decorative stone, it has also found its application in jewelry. In the AnKa Jewelery store, necklaces with rose quartz were made with the utmost care and attention to every detail. Necklaces in our store surprise with their subtlety, brilliance and charm, they are an excellent gift to express your love. Jewelry with rose quartz will have a positive effect on who it is gifted to. The original color of the stone makes the necklaces made of it unique, it is jewelry that adorns a woman on a daily basis, but also for great events.

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