Necklaces - Sapphire

Necklaces are one of the most popular women's decorations, suitable for women of all ages, created in our store with love and passion for beauty. We took care of every detail to enjoy the highest quality jewelry.

Natural sapphire as a precious stone

Sapphire is the second hardest mineral, it is a very rare mineral. Found in igneous rocks, most often in pegmatites and basaltes, it is highly sought after and highly valued as a collector's stone. The most popular sapphires are found in Sri Lanka, Burma and Kashmir, it is those from Sri Lanka that are the most expensive. This gemstone is used to make expensive and elegant jewelry, it can also be obtained synthetically, and can only be distinguished from natural stones by using a microscope. Colorless sapphires are occasionally used as a substitute for diamonds in jewelry. Already in antiquity, sapphire was believed to have magical properties. It was said that sapphire is a stone of wisdom that improves concentration, enhances creativity, brings inner peace and protects against evil. Considered an amulet that brings good luck in love.

Sapphire necklaces in the AnKa Jewelry store

Our jewelery products are distinguished by their excellent workmanship, each necklace with a sapphire will wonderfully emphasize the feminine neckline, adding charm and glow to the whole figure. The sapphire necklaces in the AnKa Jewelry store are made of high-quality silver, they combine delicacy and refinement, they are very popular because they match any styling and any type of beauty. We also have gold-plated necklaces, especially for demanding women who focus on timeless elegance and refinement. Necklaces in our store are distinguished by subtlety, unique appearance, they are an addition to any styling, both on a daily basis and during important celebrations.

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