Necklaces - Smoky quartz

Jewelry with smoky quartz is both effective and elegant, necklaces with this stone add mystery and magic. It is impossible to take your eyes off this unique piece of jewelry, which is also universal, thanks to its dark color and will match any style.

Gemstone - smoky quartz

Smoky quartz is a precious stone, its name comes from a smoky color, the result of which is the action of natural radioactive radiation. It is a very common mineral found in many igneous rocks, it creates well-formed crystals ranging from pale beige, through brown, to dark brown or almost black. The result of radioactive radiation on quartz is its dark color, which fits beautifully with any styling.

Smoky quartz is a sought-after collector's stone, it is used to make ornaments and artistic jewelry, it is believed that it helps in organization and control over finances, it is also recommended as an amulet when making important decisions. Smoky quartz is effective in the fight against depression, despondency, and helps to remove suicidal tendencies. It has a salutary effect in the fight against cancer, as well as in infections, these very dark quarks support addictions, especially drug addicts, quartz gives strength to addicts and weak people fighting this disease.

Smoky quartz is recommended for shy, indecisive people who often lack courage in taking life changes or challenges, it helps to open up to new opportunities, ward off fears, allows you to break away from unhealthy relationships, habits and passivity, necklaces with smoky quartz are beautiful jewelry that will give every woman self-confidence.

Necklaces with smoky quartz in the AnKa Jewelry store

Jewelry with smoky quartz will delight many women with its elegance and refinement, depending on the performance of the necklace, it will be a great option both for everyday use and to complement the evening outfit. Necklaces with smoky quartz in the AnKa Jewelery store intrigue with their pattern and workmanship, while adding mystery and panache to the woman who wears it. It is a great gift idea for any woman who values ​​classic beauty in a variety of forms.

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