Necklaces - Spinels

Spinels as unique jewels used in jewelery have long been confused with rubies. Today it is considered the newest gemstone. In the AnKa Jewelry store you will find it in spinel necklaces and other jewelry.

Spinel having the properties of a ruby

Spinel has a similar chemical composition to ruby ​​and has a red coloration caused by chrome. This stone is a unique gem that was considered a ruby ​​in the old days. Spinel has a high refractive index, excellent dispersion and is scratch resistant. Hard and unusual stone is perfectly used in jewelry. Spinel necklaces are unusual jewelry that is more and more often chosen by women. The stone has features comparable to sapphire, ruby ​​or even a diamond. Spinel guards the wearer from untrustworthy and lying people. The stone is an amulet for honest and truthful people. Necklaces with spinel, as an amulet, are especially recommended for people of Gemini. The stone has a de-stressing and calming effect.

Necklaces with spinel

Spinel is a spark (Greek), that is, something that ignites, enlivens. It is a stone that strengthens our vitality and strength. It helps the holder to cope with the problems and challenges he faces. A spinel necklace helps you appreciate yourself and attracts material goods. It also brings success in the intended tasks. The stone itself should be cared for and cleaned under running lukewarm water with soap. Rinse thoroughly at the end. However, in the case of jewelry, i.e. a necklace with spinel, it is worth paying attention to silver or gold. Finally, gently wipe dry with a soft cloth and store in separate bags in a dry place. Before cleaning, sports activities and a shower, the necklace with spinel and any other jewelry with this stone should be removed. You will find spinel necklaces in our AnKa Jewelery store in various models that will surely appeal to you.

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